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We have a growing herd of registered purebred Oberhasli goats. Originally from the Swiss Alpines, this heritage breed is rare in Canada. We elected to raise Oberhaslis because of their rare status, their attractive appearance, and their gentle character. They are not nearly as noisy as Nubian goats, and they are very good milkers.

Why purchase registered goats?

For people new to goats, there is much to learn with regards to housing requirements, nutrition, and other needs goats have. It is important to know that about 80% of dairy goat herds in Canada are affected by Caprine Arthritis-Encephalitis (CAE), a debilitating viral infection for which there is no known cure. Most backyard goat breeders do not test for CAE and do not take any preventative measures, so chances are fairly high that CAE exists in those herds. CAE is primarily transmitted through milk from a doe to her offspring. We test our does annually (just before kidding) and our herd is completely CAE free.

Another reason to purchase goats through a registered breeder is that it is possible to study the bloodlines of the goat kids you are interested in. Backyard goat breeds generally do not keep records of the mating pairs, and often daughters, sisters, and even mothers are bred to the same buck, increasing the chance of birth defects and associated genetic problems.

Registered breeders tend to keep accurate and up-to-date milk records, which is important if you are planning to milk your goat(s). Although the initial investment of registered kids is usually much higher than if you purchased kids from a backyard breeder, the reality is that, in the long run, you are likely to be far better off with healthy goats who are reliable milkers.

Meet Our Does


Zenna was born in the Pat 'R' Swiss herd in Ontario in early March of 2013. She matured into a gentle, easygoing goat with a very calm and loving personality. She has risen to the matriarch of our five-goat herd. Zenna has given birth to two single doe kids. She is known as a gentle goat mother, who forms an incredibly deep, loving bond with her offspring. Both of her daughters were feisty, good natured, and excessively friendly. She was bred in August of 2014 to Heaven's Hollow Sodor and gave birth to Savannah, and was bred again in 2015 and 2016 to Vanjust Finn. Zenna kidded on January 29th with twins, one female (7.8 lbs.) and one male (9.7 lbs.). 




Luna is two weeks younger than Zenna, and hails from the same herd as her friend, but comes from a very different lineage. Luna is a feisty goat and very affectionate. She is the most unusual of our goats; she is always at the bottom of trouble and has her own opinions about the world. She can be counted on to always make you laugh. She is very open about her affection – she was a total lap baby – and loves to play if you have the time. If you don't, she'll try to play with a convenient dog instead! Luna has had some trouble conceiving, so she has only been bred once. She was bred in 2015 to Vanjust Finn, and gave birth to a buckling and a doeling. 





Savannah was the first goat kid born on our farm! She arrived on a sunny morning in late January, 2015. She grew spectacularly fast, and was ready to be bred in the middle of September, 2015. Savannah had two big bucklings on March 1st, 2016. She is Zenna's first daughter, and is a gentle, shy goat. She is good with people and loving toward her family, but fades to the periphery around strangers. Her sons were the opposite – they were the most gregarious little goats we had last year! Savannah gives great goat hugs as well. She was bred in August to her long-time friend Vanjust Finn, and is expected to give birth in the end of January.





Nootka was born in Ontario in late March of 2015 as a member of the Pat 'R' Swiss herd; we are very excited about her bloodline. Nootka is a dainty, sweet-tempered doe. She is a favourite because of her beautiful fur and open, friendly personality. She was a great mom to her two twin bucklings last year (out of Vanjust Finn) and holds her own well within the herd. She was bred in early September 2016 to Finn, and she kidded with twins, one 7.4 lbs. female and on 9.1 lbs. male.






We imported Finn from Idaho in May of 2015, when he was 9 weeks old. He comes with stellar papers; he is a member of the famous Vanjust herd who rakes in all the prizes every year in the US for their excellent Oberhasli does. Finn's dam has extremely good milk records, and we are excited to have our does bred to him two years in a row. Finn is an incredibly affectionate goat who always has a slightly wistful look, due partly to the fact that bucks are smelly creatures, and as such his snuggles are limited only to those brave enough to face his stink! He remains forever hopeful for a snuggle or a scratch at feeding time, and happily greets visitors at the gate, extending his smelly head to quickly sniff your nose


Please contact us if you would like to make a reservation for the offspring on any of these three does. A $50 deposit is required to secure your preferred kid (which is refundable if we don't have what you asked for).


Our herd is registered with the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC). To view the pedigrees of our goats, please visit www.clrc.ca

Contact Information for additional Oberhasli Herds:

Patrick McClean
Canadian Oberhasli Pat 'R' Swiss farm
Campbellcroft, Ontario
Tel: (905) 797-3458
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Goat milk and Chevre

If you are interested in our fresh goat milk and chevre, please contact us directly.